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Shameless Success Story – Happily in Love

​I joined 2 years ago when I was unexpectedly given this “gift” from a boyfriend who did not take any responsibility for it, and quickly said goodbye to him.

I dealt with feeling angry, feeling disgusting, feeling heartbroken, feeling absolutely terrible… all of the awful things that you might also be going through.

I dealt with wondering who I could trust and confide in.

I dealt with having absolutely no hope in finding love, and wondered if I would ever have the chance to make love with someone (I was still a virgin).

I pushed through it, and it was awful, but I kept going and used whatever support I could to be joyful and grateful about life.

I met someone and gave him my number. After a few dates, I finally realized I would need to tell him, and that all of the joy and happiness I was feeling might go away instantly when he rejected me. It took so much courage. I can’t even tell you how much personal strength it took me to tell him. I absolutely assumed this was the last time I would see him.

He completely surprised me when he said that it was okay, and that we would figure it out. He completely surprised me when he was not turned away at all, but when he pulled me closer and said I was beautiful and that, of course he still wanted to be with me. He laughed with me when we both lamented that I didn’t even get to have sex with all of this. He listened, supported me, and never made me feel like I was less of a person because of this.

We talked about options and statistics and everything, and for a long while we were okay, and then I transferred it to him. And even then, he was 100% okay. I was feeling terribly guilty and he said that he told me a long time ago that this was okay, and again, we would figure it out. We are still trying to figure it all out.

I wanted to share this story because a lot of people are really concerned about once they get it, they feel awful about having it, and feel awful about passing it on to someone. If you’re in a relationship, it’s this constant worry that you might pass it along. That might happen, but I wanted to tell you: it’s not the worst thing in the world. I think it’s even brought us closer. We recently celebrated our 1 year anniversary. If we could handle all of this in a year, imagine what we could take on in the future.

It’s been tough. I’m so grateful for my life and experiences, and so in love with this guy that I could absolutely burst.

I have hope for you, too. You’ll find it. You’ll be okay, and you’ll figure it out. ​

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