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H has changed nothing in my relationship, our sex life is great

H Has Changed Nothing In My Relationship, Our Sex Life Is Great

I had my first OB within a month on meeting my bf. I was so scared to tell him about because I thought he would not want to be with me. I was pleasantly surprised when after sobbing my way through telling him he held me, told me that he loved me and said that it changed nothing. Not only did he do that but he said that we would deal with this together and that if he got it it was okay because we were going to be together forever and he would eventually get it anyway. We have not used protection and I have been on suppressive meds to control the OB’s. H has changed nothing in my relationship, our sex life is great and it’s not something I think about. We don’t let this rule our lives and it doesn’t have to rule yours. It’s just something you deal with and are aware of but it’s not the end of the world. It’s funny how you find out about so many others that have it, that you never would have suspected, after you are diagnosed. I live my life everyday thankful that I am healthy (because I am) and this is just a minor bump in the road that I deal with and live with.

You can find someone that will love you for you and see past the H.

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