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I refuse to let HSV stop the many plans I have laid out before me

I Refuse To Let HSV Stop The Many Plans I Have Laid Out Before Me

I’m dating this AMAZING guy. First guy I’ve been involved with since I contracted HSV and he loves me for who I am. When I told him I had HSV I was crying hysterically and he looked at me like I was crazy because he said I had no need to be so upset. He almost laughed at me because he thought it was so ridiculous that I thought that having HSV could change his mind about me. He is so completely supportive of me and does not let HSV stop our relationship emotionally or physically. I have never been so happy and the strange thing is that if I had never contracted HSV I never would have gotten this opportunity with such a wonderful guy. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and he loves EVERY part of me. He says when I’m ready he is willing to take the plunge and have intercourse. He feels satisfied that the risks are minimal but he also feels like I am definitely worth the risk. HSV has done nothing to stop my life; in fact it has made it better. I am still doing everything I want to do. I am still active, I am eating healthy, and I am living my life. I went ahead and dated a guy who was negative and he did NOT reject me. It has been such a great experience and makes me really think about what is important.

Do not let HSV bring you down. It can be the best thing to happen to you or the worst, it just depends on your perspective. Yes it is a minor nuisance, but it is no different than when my period comes or if I get sick with bronchitis. You just deal with it and move on.

I am so happy I was able to find such an accepting boyfriend, and even the friends I have told do not treat me any differently. The people around me are so supportive. I just can’t believe how happy I am! I hope that everyone else can reach the same level someday too. I’m young and in college. I refuse to let HSV stop the many plans I have laid out before me.

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  1. Lucky you. I for one wouldn’t do that lol I would be too grossed out by it and the risk of getting would be traumatizing for me. HIV is something I never take lightly so if I’m dating someone with it and they wait till 2 or 3rd date to tell me, I won’t be so nice. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad you found someone, but in all honesty I was taught to avoid that and I will stay to that lesson. Especially when babies can get it too, I won’t let my child suffer through that nasty stuff.

    1. You should really do some research, only 1% of children contract the herpes virus from parents through natural birth, and that’s only if the mothers having an outbreak of that “nasty stuff”. Fact check before you make an embarrassing and ignorant comment about a subject you know nothin about.

  2. She said Hsv not HIV. Anyways I’m happy she would someone who cares and love her!! I don’t have it but the love of my life does and nothing changed how I feel about him!!!

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