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Life just goes on after Herpes

Life Just Goes On After Herpes

Its UP TO YOU to get out of this rut… the longer you sit in your corner and say poor me then you WILL rot there…

I have had tragedies and really serious issues since having herpes (even before like abuse, drugs etc) but for some reason herpes was like the end all for me…

but really, its up to you… it WILL take time, but how much time, is really up to you.. honestly.

im not on meds for my back or neck pain..i have pain but I tolerate it.. I work two amazing jobs.. I have a great boyfriend (for now 😛 ) and friends… I go out I have fun.. if I do get an outbreak I don’t even bother getting Valtrex I just let it run its course.. it doesn’t really bother me anymore..

I still bodybuild, lift, and even am thinking of doing my 2nd show in the next coming year… I am going to school for Vet assistant…

herpes is a big deal at first.. and it can be for most people.. but.. its always, ALWAYS up to you to decide when and how you get out of the rut…

I was also a moderator for some time as well.. As much as I loved helping people, the more people were freaking out and being so distraught about herpes, the more I had to say listen its not such a huge deal you will get over it.. and believe it or not, the more I said THAT out loud trying to help people, the MORE I even believed it myself!!

So now here I am.. just living my life..things have changed… things have stayed the same and things have progressed.. I still have shit to deal with on a usual basis but HERPES is just so minute compared to everything else…

So key points:

its up to you to decide when and how to get out of the herpes rut.
its up to you to decide what type of support or help you need (and yes you do need it)
its up to you to do what you love, stay busy and be healthy
its up to you to accept that it may take some time to get over this, but you will…
its up to you to take what I have written and either take it with a grain of salt or take it to heart.

thanks so much to the mods (even myself being one for a while) and all the friends and support I have had here..

thanks all for the love and support over the last couple years..

PS you can always still talk to me just ask JB 🙂 I really don’t want to go on here anymore but I do want to help you guys!!!



Comment originally published on the Honeycomb Herpes Support forums.

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