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Herpes Cure Research

Herpes Cure Research

Although herpes is far from the worst thing in the world, it’s not preferable to host any kind of virus in your body. Therefore, we will do everything we can to support HSV research, and encourage you to do the same.

This page will contain information regarding the development of upcoming herpes vaccines and potential cures. We’ll also include links for donation if possible.

If you have updates or information that is not mentioned here, please comment below.

As of August 2015 there are 6 clinical trials for HSV vaccines/therazines/treatments. Only the Admedus (Australia) trial is still enrolling but several are scheduled to start their next phase in 2016.

Anyone who is near a trial site and suffering from HSV should consider enrolling since it is the best way, short of becoming a medical researcher, to encourage progress.

HSV-2 Specific

1. (Update 5/30/15: Completed, Has Good Results and a follow-on trial) It should not be understated the importance of this vaccine having been the first one EVER to show a statistically significant reduction in shedding. The Genocea GEN-003 vaccine completed a Phase IIb clinical trial at A LOT of US sites. The phase I/IIa results were encouraging (though not long lasting). The released Phase IIb results were in line with the I/IIa trial:

Genocea is allowing anyone who got placebo in the first round to opt-in randomly to an active arm of the trial:

2. (Update 8/6/15: Fully Enrolled) HSV-529 (formerly ACAM-529): Developed by Dr. David Knipe of Harvard, being manufactured by Sanofi Pasteur, and in a Phase I Clinical Trial at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD:

(As of May 2015 it’s enrolling by invitation only)

3. (Phase II trial currently enrolling) Admedus is running a trial of a DNA Plasmid vaccine developed by Dr. Ian Frazer (of HPV vaccine fame) in Brisbane Australia. In the phase I trial 95% of participants showed an HSV-2 T-Cell response (though the correlation of this number to reduction in symptoms is not known).

4. (Updated 6/29/15, Fully Enrolled) An open label (i.e. no placebo arm) phase 3 study of ASP2151 (amenamevir) in Japan. This is a class of drug called an HPI that represent the next best shot at a better therapeutic for HSV.

HSV-1 Specific

1. (New 6/24/15) A trial of a snake venom based topical treatment called ZEP-3 in Natanya, ISRAEL. Appears to have had a decent phase I trial though efficacy is questionable so far:

2. (update 12/15/14: completed no results yet) Sublingual Ethel-Mercury (Thimerosal) on recurrent labial herpes. Beech Tree labs is in a phase 2 trial of using essentially an old topical anti-microbial on recurrent cold sores. They show pretty good success with this in a phase one trial and in veterinary applications. worth a shot if you live in Florida, Ohio, South Carolina or Manitoba, Canada as it seems to reduce recurrences.


Sanofi + Immune Design:


Once a year Dr. Brian Cullen posts an update on his progress regarding an HSV cure. It’s decades away but also probably the only realistic shot we have at a sterilizing cure:

Dr. Halford’s has a blog in which he comments often on progress with his vaccine and (his opinion) on the state of HSV vaccine research. In particular for the current crop of vaccines:

Completed Trials

1. (Updated 8/6/15: Completed, Has Results) A test of the effectiveness of Tenofovir as a gel and a film on HSV shedding. The gel was effective at preventing acquisition of HSV-2 but did little to impact shedding.

2. (Update 6/29/15: Completed, has results) The Vical (nameless) Vaxfectin Formulated Vaccine in a Phase I/IIa clinical trial. Vaccine was unable to show a statistically significant reduction in shedding:

3. (Completed appears to have run out of money) A trial of Squaric Acid Dibutyl Ester on recurrent labial herpes. This is a weird one but if it works it should also work on HSV-2. Its hard to explain briefly but I did a write-up about it here. If you live near Boston and have a lot of cold sores it might be worth a shot.

4. (Completed, no results yet) open label trials of ASP2151 (amenamevir) in the UK given with various HIV drugs to test safety. These trials kind of suck. You get essentially two doses of ASP2151 and you take an HIV drug with the second dose to measure whether or not the two drugs together make you sick. It’s unclear whether having HSV excludes you from the trial (if you don’t say you have it they don’t specifically ask) but if a couple days of relief is worth the headache of a half dozen blood draws maybe give it a shot. It probably pays pretty well.

For further and updates and indepth discussions on Cure Research visit the Honeycomb Herpes Support Forums

What does a cure mean for you?

Please post your comment below and let our community know why finding a cure for herpes is important. What difference would a cure make to your life?

This Post Has 41 Comments
    1. Hi Larry, try not to be disheartened. HSV2 tends to be blown way out of proportion by other people’s opinions rather than fact. At the end of the day it is a cold sore below the waist, and most people have experienced a cold sore in their life and if they haven’t they maybe a carrier. The point is, HSV for most people is not half as scary as uneducated or unaware people sometimes make it out to be.

      We’re understanding more about viruses everyday and a cure one day is immanent. Until that time, embrace life and, if you can, try to look at herpes as a learning curve that makes you more powerful through experience. Read our Herpes simplex virus 101 guide for a different perspective.

  1. This website should be updated as developments have come out from numerous companies.
    My experience has been absolutely horrible. My phsyical symptoms have been as mild as they come, no pain what so ever, however the mental anguish led me to being severely depressed. I stopped eating, being able to sleep, stopped working out, I had voices in my head, and I became suicidal. I have been researching this for months, reaching out to people across the world. Herpes is the least regarded disease in the world. It affects 3/4 of the world and yet no one seems to give it the time of day, besides a handful of scientists and those suffering. Having cancer would have been a gift over this. Why you ask? Because I can’t give someone cancer. I will never pass this curse on to anyone. I hope the world soon understands the power of something so small. Lethal or not, it has sucked the life out of me.

    1. Hi Peter,

      Please email any updates and I will add them to the site.

      Don’t you find that incredible? A skin condition which for you was pretty insignificant physically, and yet it has had this massive impact on your health and life because of what you think about it.

      Maybe time to adopt a new perspective? Yes, herpes can be spread to your partner but it’s not a given, and if you take precautions it’s actually not very likely.

      You’re amazing. You need to realize this. If and when you do meet someone worthy to be with you the least thing on their minds would be herpes – unless it’s on yours – and the thought of losing you to something really life-changing like cancer would be a true tragedy. This is love.

      The stigma attached to herpes is BS. It’s a distorted way of thinking that is usually not thought through rationally. If you meet someone that you want to spend more time with, or even if you just want to have casual sex with herpes, you can.

      A few things may have changed, the hardest of these is usually having to talk honestly about having an STD with partners. But you know what? If you change your attitude to one that is positive and free from fear you will likely notice a reaction that’s the same ~ positive and without fear.

      Let’s try to move beyond the stereotype and stop for a minute to realize what is actually going on here. Herpes may be contagious but it’s also for the most part pretty harmless. Until such time as a cure is finalized (which definitely will be one day) don’t let herpes suck the life out of you. It’s not worth this much attention.

    2. Peter- i havent been diagnosed but believe i am currently experiencing my initial outbreak. Im terrified and i keep thinking of all i wanted for my life and whats now going to change. Just wanted to let you know theres other people out there, and were in this together for support! Feel better!

    3. I’m glad to see its not just me. My whole life has changed. I have absolutely no desire to eat, live, or anything. I feel like I’m becoming insensitive. I do not kiss my children. I do not want to be responsible for giving this to anyone! I agree people do not care, and doctors do not know anything about the virus! My doctor told me all in one sentence I have HSV ll antibodies, but she is not diagnosing me with herpes????. She told me oral herpes is common and to carrying on as I normally do. I’m like there is nothing normal about this. I read numerous articles that typically it does not not go from the penis to the mouth…wrong again!

    4. I had an initial oral outbreak after oral sex. I then had my blood drawn and tested positive for HSV ll. I have it orally. I hear it’s rare, but it happened. I’m convinced it’s common! It can be easily transferred, which is why I do not kiss my children, and or anyone else for that matter.

    5. Ahh ok, that makes a lot more sense. Yes, oral HSV2 does occur it’s just that it is not all that common. Check out a picture here of one lady who has HSV2 on the mouth:

      One consideration here is that HSV has a preferred location. When HSV2 occurs on the mouth it sheds far less and reoccurs less frequently. The chance of spreading it to another person when you are not having an outbreak is therefore very very low.

      Good luck, if you need anything we are here to help.

    6. This is definitely the worse, it’s a damn creeper disease! Pop up, disappear shortly after….comes out of nowhere. Misdiagnosed, and misunderstood disease. Doctors don’t even know what their talking about! The doctor told me I have antibodies but she is not diagnosing me with herpes????, and in the next sentence said I may have to use acyclovir!

    7. Interesting you should say that… the word herpes literally means “to creep”.

      You could try a natural supplement such as Immune Support: depending on what it is you are wanting to achieve. One of the herbs in this formula allegedly may help to reduce viral shedding.

      A lot of people choose to take no treatment at all if they are not getting outbreaks.

      If you are looking to reduce the chance of transmission than possibly taking a medication could be worth it, if this is what you need to gain peace of mind to kiss your children again.

      Again, the chance of spreading oral HSV2 when there is no outbreak is so extremely minimal to begin with.

    8. Thank you! I appreciate it. I do not believe any about herpes any more. I convinced the people are clueless! I’ve tired every immune support. I think it’s a waste of money! Nothing will give me peace of mind but a cure, which will probably never happen!

  2. This is a living nightmare . I’ve just been diagnosed with HSV1-genital. I don’t even want my children around. I feel disgusting . I feel like I will infect everyone around me. My kiss to my children have turned into embraces and I finally met the guy of my dreams to only whind up being infected with something that can’t be cured. I thought I was doing everything right. I used protection. I’ve had few partners and yet my effort stills cursed me. I’m sorry for those who have this. I don’t mean to be this way. I’m hurt !

    1. Hi Maria,

      Thanks for taking the courage to write.

      The first thing that came to me when I read your comment is that these thoughts are illogical, they just doesn’t make proper sense.

      Of course you can kiss your children, these kisses are the part of your life that will help you feel better right now!

      GHSV-1 is on the genitals, not your lips, so unless another person has contact with your groin area, at the same time that the virus is active, you can’t spread it to them.

      Also, in terms of the herpes draw card you won the jackpot in getting GHSV1.

      HSV-1 prefers the mouth area and is usually caused by cold sores. Most people (over 70%) already have this type of herpes and can’t catch it again.

      When HSV-1 pops up in its not-so-preferred area, the genitals, it tends to be really mild, doesn’t transmit as easily (shedding is usually a lot less) and after the first one or two outbreaks it sometimes never returns. In any event, the recurrences are usually less frequent with GHSV1. It tends to be a much easier deal all ’round.

      Check out this wicked site Silver Lining’s herpes blog for the full run-down on Genital HSV-1. It should make you feel a lot better.

  3. Can someone please provide an update in the latest cure or vaccine trials? Which company is leading and whats the soonest we might we see a cure or vaccine on the market?

    1. Hi Bryce,

      A good place to check on regularly is the Herpes Cure Zone at the honeycomb herpes support forums. The members there are hugely active in discussing the latest happenings and developments towards a cure. Some key players in the field also frequent the forums and contribute regularly.

  4. New to this site, wondering if its still an active blog?
    Does anyone know about CRISPR gene editing as a possible treatment? I’ve read a few articles, sounds promising. I sure hope so.
    Also, status of the live vaccine from Dr. Halford?

    1. That’s what I was asking. I believe its still in trials, buy would be a cure by editing the genes of DNA,,if and once approved. That’s what I gather from my Reading.

  5. I got herpes on my hands. Im so scared to shake people hands and go on my daily life. Always thinking about shedding and infecting my loved ones thru my hand. I dont know how to live like this im so depressed and scared. When are they going to find a solution for this because its been too long.

  6. I found out that I have HSV2 back in April. My ex and I broke up last September….hes the person that gave it to me, he was cheating. Well I am in a different relationship now. My bf and I were dating for a while but started an official relationship a couple of months ago after my test results. I have not told him. I told him that I dont want to have sex until marriage, in hopes that I can find a natural cure online before then so that I never have to share this secret….I have not found one and the more research I do, the less hope Im left with. Him and I are very much in love and I want to tell him but I am terrified. He is big on germs and cleanliness and Im afraid that he will look at me differently and be scared to touch me. I don’t know the best way to tell him. I dont know what words to use to make it easier to accept….I just dont know how to go about this…

    1. Btw, my doctor did not tell me that I have herpes. I had just gotten a new job and wanted to get tested before my insurance was cancelled by the job I was at at the time. My doctors office ended up calling me saying that my doctor wanted to see me. I told them I had just started a new job and I had to wait till I had insurance again. I asked then to tell me why the doc needed to see me. They refused so I went and picked up a copy of my results. Everything was negative and within normal range except hsv2…my hsv2 level was 10.

  7. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has wrote on this blog. I was diagnosed three week ago and felt besides myself, alone, disgusting, un-attractive, like everyone knew and I too was hesitant to kiss my child. I feel more at peace reading how some of you have reacted and I have had similar feelings. I am also in total agreement and feel doctors should do a better job on there communicate with the HSV population. When I was told it was just a statement, yup it looks like HSP. Them a phone call of yeah your positive so cold.

  8. A vaccine cannot arrive soon enough. I have HSV2 whitlow and it’s causing significant neuropathy in the infected finger even without an outbreak… I believe it has caused some nerve damage, making it nearly impossible for me to efficiently work. FML

    1. Hi Lee,

      If you avoid sex when you have an outbreak the chance of you NOT spreading herpes to your partner is around 92% (there’s usually at the very high spectrum an 8% chance of spreading HSV when there’s no symptoms). So despite what we are lead to believe, it’s certainly possibly but extremely unlikely to spread. Evident in some of the herpes stories here

      The best rules of thumb to make this tiny risk even smaller is to avoid contact with the affected area when there is any sign or symptoms and for a few days after everything has healed. Take suppressive medication or supplements to inhibit viral activity and communicate with your partner honestly when you suspect the virus might be active. In fact, the last of these three is often the most important. Good luck on your journey.

  9. I’m scared to my bones,been experiencing severe itching pains and tingling on my vulva for days now with some funny clusters of flesh,with fever does this sounds like herpes?

  10. Will all the vaccines made for hsv2 be applicable to hsv1 as well ?
    The tiredness, itching, and back pain associated with GHSV1 is also very annoying.

    1. A lot of the time people attribute symptoms to HSV which are not actually caused by HSV. Have a chat with your Doctor to see if they agree that it’s related. If they don’t think it is, chances are there may be something else going on. Most vaccines will initially conduct a trial for either HSV 1 or 2. If successful, I imagine they would ultimately progress to testing for safety and efficacy against both strands.

  11. I was just told by a pt that he had a sudden cardiac arrest 8 years ago and was put on carvedilol 100mg qd. Since then , he has had no herpes outbreaks, except if he misses a dose of his carvedilol. He swears that it is very consistent and should be studied.

    1. Very interesting!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

      I heard a story that Zyban (the leading anti-smoking drug) was originally used for depression. Apparently, one of the Doctors involved noticed a correlation between her patients who were on Zyban and their desire to smoke, hence a new drug indication was born.

      Of course, Zyban is notoriously dangerous and one has to wonder sometimes whether the benefits of these drugs outweigh their potentially serious risks.

      I am unfamiliar with the mode of action or side effects of Carvedilol, worth further research for sure.

  12. Here Is a list of supplements, that when combined with a diet of organic, fresh, non processed, low sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol, you can and will eradicate HSV1&2, herpes zooster, shingles and many other virus’ from your body. Please read about Die off symptoms, research all the products. Take charge of your healing. Meditate, work on your issues, let go of guilt and shame, forgive yourself and others, above all love yourself and take this as a time to be kind and nourish your body!
    1- olive leaf extract capsules with 20-25% oleuropein – 4-6x per day

    2-collodial silver

    1tsp under tongue x5/day

    3- oregano oil

    drops on tongue and base of spine





    100mg (6months)


    5- St. John’s wort with BHT(900mg-3capsules)

    6-l-lysine x 1000mg/day

    7-10000mg vitamin C/day

    8-reishi mushroom tincture

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