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Practical Herpes Home Remedies that can Relieve Outbreaks


Ice can be a very effective relief for pain and itching. Wrap an ice cube in a moist cloth and apply to the sore.


Epsom Salts are available in most stores. Just make sure you get Epsom and not regular salt. Run a cool bath, add the salts and have a soak to relieve itching. Good old oatmeal will work too, You can buy oatmeal soaps or you can get an old stocking, fill it with oats and put it in the bath. This old fashioned remedy for the itching caused by poison oak and ivy will also work on herpes outbreaks. You can also try tea. Steep the tea bag in boiling water, allow to cool and then apply to the sores.


Sunlight is a wonderful healer. Find a nice private spot for a relaxing sunbathe. Go out before ten am or after three pm to cut down on harmful UV rays.


Honey has long been known for its healing properties. Open sores can be coated in honey to prevent secondary infections and to promote healing.


Aloe vera gel is very good for soothing itchy, burning sores. It also promotes healing. Aloe can be grown in the garden and picked fresh as well.


Diaper rash creams are not just for babies. They can also be used on Herpes outbreaks to give some relief for symptoms. The primary active ingredient is zinc so zinc creams such as sun blocks can also be used. However, be sure your cream does not contain steroids or cortizone as these are contraindicated for viruses.

None of these home remedies will cure the problem but they will give you inexpensive options for the immediate relief of uncomfortable symptoms.

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