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Internal Support against the Herpes simplex virus

Your immune system is your body’s evolved weapon for defending itself against micro-pathogens, like the Herpes simplex virus (HSV) which is the cause of cold sores and genital herpes.

With a strong immune system you can expect to have greater control over outbreaks. This can mean fewer sores, longer spaces in between each episode and less severe symptoms when (and if) they happen.

Why some people never get outbreaks

If a person experiences very mild outbreaks, or no outbreaks at all, it is largely due to their immune system and its ability to deal with the herpes virus. Immune Support works to boost your immune system and therefore improve your body’s ability to control and suppress viruses.

May assist the body in reducing viral shedding

The ingredients in Immune Support have been shown to stop “herpes viral shedding” at the cell membrane in-vitro, while also interfering with the virus’ ability to replicate. Both those affected by herpes and their uninfected partners may benefit from taking this supplement.

How does Immune Support Formula work?

Immune Support may be used to correct, optimize and strengthen the immune system to improve the way it combats viruses and infections.

Your immune system is your first and most powerful line of defense in controlling & healing herpes and cold sore outbreaks. Your immune system is responsible for suppressing the herpes virus and controlling recurrences.

  • Boost your body’s immune resistance against the Herpes virus
  • Naturally reduce Herpes viral shedding to help prevent transmission of HSV
  • Enhance immune cell activity against Herpes (including increasing killer T-cells, white blood cells)
  • May be used by non-infected partners to help build a strong immune resistance

Clinically Researched & Tested Herbs:

Andrographis (Andrographis paniculata)

Andrographis has the ability to interfere with viral infected cells (even once infection has occurred) and is one of the most powerful immune enhancing herbs that there is. Andrographis has shown remarkable results against viruses in clinical studies, including the ability to interfere with the way virus replicates and affects DNA.

A herb used in eastern cultures for thousands of years, Andrographis has been shown to:

  • Inhibit Herpes virus activity in vitro
  • Improve the level of the T-helper cells that participate in cell-mediated immunity (essential for controlling viruses)
  • Increase white cell phagocytosis, a process in which cells “eat up” bacteria and other foreign invaders
  • Support and enhance the immune system
  • Be even more effective when combined with our Combined Lysine Formula
  • These herbs have been clinically shown to work more powerfully when taken with vitamin c and zinc)

Olive Leaf (Olea europaea)

Olive leaf boosts the body’s natural immune system, specifically the functions of the immune system which fight and defend against viruses. Olive leaf has been show to stop “viral shedding” at the cell membrane in vitro. It also interferes with the function of viruses, such as a virus’ ability to replicate.

Often referred to as the “tree of life”, Olive Leaf has been shown to have the ability to:

  • Stop Herpes virus replication and directly penetrate infected cells
  • Contain Herpes viral infection by ‘inactivating’ the virus and by preventing viral shedding, budding or assembly at the cell membrane
  • Interfere with critical amino acid production required by viruses such as Herpes
  • Neutralize the production of ‘protease’ and ‘reverse transcriptase’, the enzymes that are required by viruses in order to alter the RNA of a healthy cell
  • Stimulate phagocytosis (an immune system response that ingests harmful microorganisms & foreign matter, ie virus-infected cells)
  • A component of olive leaf extract called ‘calcium elenolate’ is lethal to a number of viruses, including the Herpes simplex virus (HSV)

Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea)

Echinacea improves the performance of Andrographis, together giving your immune system a power punch against viruses. Echinacea is a proven immune system booster. Like all three of the herbs in Immune Support, Echinacea has both immune-enhancing and anti-viral properties so may be extra helpful in fighting off viral infections, like Herpes and cold sores. Echinacea works best for the onset or prevention of an infection.

One of the most renowned and researched immune-enhancing herbs in the world, Echinacea has been shown to:

  • Stimulate the production of white blood cells, in particular natural killer cells and macrophages which fight off infection and destroy contaminated cells
  • Increase levels of “properdin”, a protein in the body that helps the immune system destroy viruses
  • Assist the body in the formulation of “interferon”, a compound which blocks replication of virus proteins
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