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Herpes treatment can sometimes seem to be an exercise in futility when the next outbreak begins to inconveniently surface too soon after the first one appeared to be over.

The previous outbreak still fresh in our minds, the pain, embarrassment and inconvenience had just seemingly passed. And if you’re really unlucky this pattern can become regular life, 3 to 4 outbreaks yearly.

The Herpes virus replicates or multiplies through the nerve ganglion when the immune system is compromised.  If your immune system is functioning well it can become more easy to manage the virus and help prevent future outbreaks.

What does a cure mean for you?

Tell me what a difference finding a herpes cure would make to your life. Please post your comment below.

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  1. I have shingles for the first time and I googled about paper cuts on my skin and having shingles. Thanks for your info! I was worried about these paper cuts..kinda creepy. Looks like a fine knife cut.

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