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Dealing with herpes can be challenging when we don’t have good support or the right understanding of what it is we are experiencing. This condition affects multiple aspects of our lives and needs to be approached holistically so it can be transformed into something that makes us more integrated as a person with a deeper knowing of who we are.

The following are some very helpful herpes resources that will be able to assist you on your journey, while broadening your outlook on life to become a self-fulfilling, content being.

Love in the Time of Herpes

This is a really good read. This is an intimate blog about genital herpes from a lady who is personally affected by the HSV-1 strand of the virus. It has some great fast facts about transmission and helps to put your mind at ease about entering a relationship which involves herpes:

Honeycomb Herpes Community

With over 50k members Honeycomb is a quick reality check that having herpes is not an isolated event – people from all over the world in all types of jobs of all ages HAVE herpes.  You can live chat, message or post questions on the board, or just hover in the background and read other people’s experiences: Honeycomb Herpes Forum

How to tell your partner

A good straight forward article with simple advice on how best to approach the subject of telling a partner about herpes, written by a sexual health columnist for Fox News: Tell Your Partner

Herpes Answers Blog

A collection of articles which include stories and facts about preventing the spread of herpes, natural herpes therapies and commentary on HSV:

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

New York Times best seller, this book gives practical tools to still the mind and find freedom from negative patterns, this philosophy can be useful to those who are seeking a spiritual path or would like to find guidance in overcoming set backs:

Tell Someone about Herpes Anonymously

This is a free service which allows you to send an anonymous email to someone you know who may have been exposed to the herpes virus (or other STIs) advising them to get tested:

Tell them with inSPOT

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