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Know that everything is in perfect order whether you understand it or not.

Although the herpes virus is relatively easy to kill in a laboratory dish, the difficulty arises when it is inside the human body. In our internal system the herpes virus hides itself inside an apparently normal host nerve cell until it has multiplied itself and is ready to migrate. This is when an outbreak occurs and the blisters appear. The current prognosis for herpes is that it is a permanent aspect of our life we must accept and embrace.

How well we do this is dictated by our perception, resources and knowledge. True suffering is not caused from physical ailments or pain, but is the inability to feel free flowing in life. All we really want is to feel this unity with life itself; which is always available to us but is usually blocked by our outlook. Being crippled or disabled is not having herpes, it is the inability to feel the love and connection to our self.

People can let the same problem make them miserable for years when they could just say, So what! If it wasn’t this condition then it would be something else.. This is because we have allowed a default perception of lack become all we know. When we decide we will not suffer another moment and want to dance with life in absolute; the shift will take us to a place of deep peace and happiness which most people who have nothing to complain about do not even feel.

The Herpes Prognosis.. Is there a Cure for Herpes?

Although at this time amongst the scientific fields there is no known cure for herpes, a total cure is not out of the question and is something we can look forward to on the horizon.

As treatments stand right now, it is possible to suppress the virus so greatly that the result can be seen as the closest thing to a cure. This can be obtained by understanding how the virus works and coming at it from several angles which include antiviral treatments and through boosting the body’s natural defence mechanisms and strength.

It is also recommended to pay close attention to one’s  diet and general health to have the total effect of viral suppression, thus experiencing less outbreaks and a more herpes-free life.

There are currently several Clinical Trials in progress and multiple research projects that offer promise for prospective cure for herpes in the future.

To follow the latest developments on these visit the Herpes & Vaccine Research Forums at Honeycomb.

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