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We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are..

A positive perspective is something we could all use at times, regardless of HSV status. If you’re experiencing an unusually high amount of emotional or psychological stress, it becomes even more important… and ironically, harder to attain. So, we’re going to help you out. Remember that things are just things, places are just places, and events are just events.

These timeless words of wisdom have been applied by many people around the world to achieve colossal levels of success in business, and life in general. They’re universal; they literally apply to everything—yes, including life with Herpes. Take some time to let your mind soak in greatness. Life really is beautiful.

Napoleon Hill spent his entire life studying the character traits and principles of successful people. His primary subject, Andrew Carnegie, revolutionized the steel industry and built a net worth for himself equal to around $300 billion in today’s dollars. To put this in perspective, Bill Gates—the world’s current richest man—is worth about $60 billion (while that’s an insane amount of money, that’s just 20% of Andrew Carnegie’s fortune!). Napoleon Hill couldn’t have honestly picked a better subject to study.

After enough information was gathered, studied, and organized, Napoleon Hill published his research and discoveries in his now-best-selling book titled “Think and Grow Rich.” Because the information in this book is so valuable, it has remarkably sold tens of millions of copies—and continues to sell today (it was originally published in 1937!). Have you ever spent a lot of time writing an essay or research paper that you were really proud of because you put so much work into it? This guy spent his life collecting the information published in this book. He took it very seriously.

In other words, Napoleon Hill knew his stuff. “Think and Grow Rich” is certainly not just feel-good fluff talk or blind optimism. It is absolute science based on the thoughts and actions of some of the most successful people the world has ever witnessed. A famous quote provided in the book is:

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed on an equal or greater benefit.”

That’s a very bold statement… so audacious that it almost sounds too good to be true. Yet, it’s been proven to be true, time and time again..

No matter what happens in life, including, but not limited to being HSV+, something good is going to come from it (possibly, something amazing). As many self-made millionaires and billionaires know, opportunity is often disguised in adversity. Take this to heart and contemplate it for a while—you’ll see that it makes sense.

If there’s anyone to use as an example for how to live life, wouldn’t someone that accomplished their dreams and changed the world for the better be the obvious best choice? This mind-blowing book is full of such examples, hardly limited to Andrew Carnegie, so you can rest assured that the quote provided is grounded and not something out of a fairy tale.

You’re now a better (stronger, smarter, more loving) person, and who knows what opportunities await you, or what doors have opened because of this!

Robert Greene, the author of a few excellent books himself, has a lot we can learn from as well. His books include the 48 Laws of Power, the 33 Strategies of War, the Art of Seduction, and the 50th Law (which was co-authored by artist 50 Cent). He is an absolute expert in human psychology, and has created resources that can give anyone an unmistakable edge in life—anyone who takes the time to learn and apply the information he provides.

While he is very knowledgeable about power, war, and seduction, we’re going to focus on what’s most relevant for now: power. Personal power to be exact. Now, once again, don’t get the wrong the idea—this guy is far from a self-help guru or anything like that. The information he presents is practical, and can be put to use in real-life scenarios at essentially any time.

With this in mind, you can also trust that he’s not just someone out there writing books to make you feel better about your “crummy situation.” Honestly, he could probably care less. He studies and writes about these things so people who are interested in taking charge of their life/family/business/country can do so, and can do so effectively. Simple as that.

Here is a small excerpt from his blog that is most appropriate for someone who may be living in fear of either (a) getting HSV, or (b) the knowledge that they are currently HSV+.

Understand: we all feel too much fear in our lives. It is the source of our unhappiness. Almost all powerful, creative people in this world feel less fear than others; it is the secret of their success in any field.

Being fearless is not necessarily what you think. It does not mean being aggressive and bold at every moment. People who are uncontrollably aggressive in life are often secretly governed by fears and insecurities. Fearlessness on this level is more about possessing balance. When events occur, neutral or seemingly negative, fearless types have the capacity to focus on reality and not give disproportionate weight to the threat or risk. Having confronted and overcome the fear of death itself gives them a sense of proportion and priority–considering that our days are numbered, it is often not worth it to get so upset over the petty battles of the moment; better to act with urgency and energy on things that really matter. Unconcerned with what people think of them, these types feel free to give rein to their desires and whims, to be themselves.

In the end, what marks their spirit is a sense of calmness, freedom and mobility that are the necessary qualities for power in periods of dynamic change such as now. They are not weighed down by all the negative emotions that come from being overly concerned about others opinions, or feeling dependent on people. This frees up more energy to be creative. And what spells the difference between these types and those encircled by fear is merely the attitude towards life that they have chosen.

Realization #1:

Most people live their lives in fear, HSV+ or not. Let’s be real: what kind of way is this to live?

Realization #2:

People that are happy and successful in general do not give disproportionate weight to the threat or risk—they focus on the actual reality of the situation.

For further clarification, the reality of this situation is that HSV is a mostly harmless, asymptomatic virus. Don’t blow it out of proportion.

Realization #3:

You do not have to be “strong” to use this knowledge to your advantage. If you are alive and conscious (which, if you’re reading this, you most certainly are), you already possess the ability to control your attitude.

The difference between someone that wants to commit suicide and someone that wants to wake up at 6:00 am to chase their dreams is ultimately attitude.

Remember: you really do have control over your life. People who think this way are almost always more effective in attaining their desires than those who don’t. Herpes will not stop you from going to school, getting your dream job, starting a business,

having a loving relationship, or starting a family—unless you let it. Seriously..

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