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So the easy part of the affirmation process is over, you’ve written all of the positive statements down countless times to counteract the negative thoughts you have about your Herpes, but now you have to really believe them.


How can I start believing my positive affirmations?


Herpes sufferers have a tendency to downplay the positives and emphasize the negative feelings they have towards their condition. The key is being able to separate reality from these false ideas that chase you around daily. There is such a colossal stigma attached to the virus that it can be, at times, hard for you to ignore. So instead of focusing on all of the positive aspects of your life and personality you choose to conform to what you think the rest of the world thinks about you. It’s crucial to your own happiness and well-being to be conscious of those positive affirmations you made earlier, and not to let the truth get distorted, harming the perception you have of yourself.

Using those positive affirmations you made earlier, with strong adjectives to emphasize how good and powerful they are, think about each one in turn.


Herpes actually makes me take more care of my body..

You might think that having Herpes consists of nothing but negative feelings, self-hatred and embarrassment, but if you look a bit closer, you’ll come to realize that you are completely and utterly wrong. Having a virus such as Herpes, is of course uncomfortable for you, but in the grand scheme of things, it actually helps you to take care of the rest of your body. Having such an affliction that, for the time being at least, can’t be cured, makes you think about all of the things that you can change or look after. After having a really bad outbreak where you were so low you didn’t leave the house in days, you start to feel almost refreshed, and as a consequence you might, for example, start to wash your hair with a quality shampoo rather than a cheap supermarket brand, brush your teeth for that extra minute, or use a good facial cream that really treats your skin. All because you want to feel amazing again. More importantly, you will be worried about having another outbreak and so strive to reduce this possibility as much as you can. You will probably start eating healthier, taking vitamins and doing research to avoid foods that trigger the virus. All of these modifications to your daily routine are sure to leave you with a much healthier and fitter body!


My friends love me for who I am, not what I look like..

It can be hard to believe that people won’t see you any differently once you tell them you have Herpes, or they see an outbreak, but the reality is that if they are your true friends in life, the ones you want to hold on to forever, then they really will not give a damn about Herpes. In fact, when you tell them how you are feeling about it you should find that all they do is care about you and your mental health, offering constant advice and a shoulder to lean on, exactly as you would do for them in the same situation. Ask yourself this: Would you run away from a friend who had Herpes? Of course not. We are all adults, and we all carry some sort of burden, be it physical, mental or otherwise. Think about who you are to your friend, not what you look like. The relationships that you have had with them thus far should surely supersede something you are not in any control of.


I am a successful person living a life like anyone else..

No matter what age you are, or what your profession is, you are an amazing individual in your own right. To really believe this statement about yourself you should think about all of the things you are good at. A good idea would be to jot them down and list any achievements to date. If you find you are struggling because you’re at your lowest ebb, ask someone else, someone close to you, what they think you are talented at, what they love about you. More than anything else, this statement will serve up a bunch of compliments, thrown heavily in your direction. Enjoy!


The people in my life are not that ignorant..

Unfortunately, Herpes does have an awful lot of stigma attached to it. You’ve witnessed it as the butt of a joke on many occasions, you’ve seen people’s faces when thinking about it, but what you fail to do is educate. The important people in your life aren’t perfect, and neither are you. Something you could do for not only yourself but others too, is be the educator they all need. Show them that people with Herpes are like any other person only they are carrying a skin disorder that they are by no means controlling. If you have any doubts about what the people in your life think about Herpes then let them know that it’s a common virus that could be lying dormant in anyone of them, they’re just lucky enough not to display it.


A huge proportion of society suffer some strain of the virus..

At this moment, over 50 million people in the US suffer HSV type II, 15% of the population in general have it, and HSV type I is so widespread that over 50% of the population have it. Just think about how many HSV chat forums are out there! Conclusion: You are by no means alone.


My friends and family think I’m brilliant..

Your family and friends are your rock and your lifeline, in times of need. So use them! They are the people that will stand by you, unconditionally, unwaveringly and unfaltering at your side until the end of time. Thinking any other thought about them just downplays their role in your life and that is not fair to them. If you need confirmation, ask them how brilliant they think you are. They may laugh at first, not wanting to indulge you, but after seeing the serious look in your eyes they will almost certainly give you the true boost you need.


Hiding in a dark room will limit my amazing potential..

Life is short. With very little time to achieve all of the potential you have inside of you, why waste years of your life hiding away when time is so precious? Let’s be honest, the amount of time you spend isolating yourself from the rest of the world, does actually rack up to years, even if you’re only an occasional sufferer. Think about the things you can be doing out there in the real world. Taking time off work or school will only put your long-term plans in jeopardy. The more you miss, the less you see, and the less you see, the unhappier you will be.


My partner absolutely adores me..

Your boyfriend or girlfriend is with you because you are you. You might be extremely pretty or handsome and so your looks mean a lot to you but who says Herpes can take that away? Anyone shallow enough to think that does not deserve to be your partner. A real conversation and a connection should be the pinnacle of your relationship.


There are so many pain relievers out there nowadays, I’m incredibly lucky..

Think about the past when there wasn’t the medicine or technology available to us like there is now. There is an abundance of products to help relieve or even hide your Herpes. HSV type I, although extremely uncomfortable and visible, can be concealed with patches, relieved with creams, and just about forgotten about with strong anti-viral medication. Herpes type II pain can be relieved with prescription medication, creams and home remedies too. The frequency of both types of outbreaks can be dramatically reduced by avoiding the things that trigger them such as; lack of sleep, stress, cutting out certain foods, exercise and of course keeping up on the news which will inform you of constant developments and discoveries. The beauty of this day and age is that we are becoming more and more aware with each passing day, so use it to your advantage!


It’s just a viral skin condition so don’t make it more than that..

You’re not dying! It’s a condition that, although you have to live with it, is totally manageable. It doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to be unhappy about it, but you do owe yourself a more positive attitude. Thinking that it is the end of the world is somewhat naive. There are so many people who are worse off than you. There are people fighting to keep themselves alive and people dying every day, so be grateful for every day that you are alive, outbreak or no outbreak.


I don’t blame myself or anyone else for having this..

This is a virus that is radical, out of your control and oftentimes lying dormant within you, ready to pounce when you are at your lowest point. The reason for it is unknown, but blaming yourself or anyone else for this virus will only serve to make you angrier, more negative and hence unhappy. Why do this to yourself when all you really and truly want is a full happy life, free from blame?


Now that you have looked a little more in depth at some of the positive affirmations that you have written down, it might be that little bit easier for you recite them to yourself, believing and trusting in what you are saying to yourself. Good luck on your quest of finding happiness within yourself. Just remember, those positive affirmations are facts that you’ve been hiding from for a long time.

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