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Being told you have contracted a virus that currently has no cure is always difficult. There is no good way to find out that you have herpes, but there are ways to deal with the symptoms and gain emotional relief. Initially it is only natural to be overwhelmed with feelings of guilt, shame, fear, anger and depression, so you need to find ways of dealing with these feelings.


It is important to know that you are not alone in this and that there is help out there. Herpes is a very common disease. One in five people have it, which is more than diabetes and asthma. These conditions are more openly discussed, so people tend to think they are more common. There may not be much open discussion about Herpes, but if you look a bit or ask a health practitioner, you can find a support group.

Herpes is known to cause emotional trauma in people who suffer from this condition, and to their loved ones, which can make treatment a trying task. In such a situation it is vitally important that they find sources of emotional support from others, especially their health practitioners. The mental state of the patient is extremely important when he has to recover from a disease like herpes and a fragile emotional condition is detrimental to the healing process.

Groups and forums can be safe and healthy places to search for emotional relief from herpes. However, in the beginning many people with this diagnosis want to find emotional relief with the fewest number of people as possible knowing about their situation. To that end, many people have found relief in Bach Flower Remedies, which have been of great assistance when dealing with feelings of shame, fear, guilt and other emotions associated with a herpes diagnosis. This is especially important because any disease can be exacerbated by obsessing and worrying about it. Pine is said to be of enormous help with those overcome with guilt about getting the disease. Mimulus assists people who are overwhelmed with fear arising from thoughts of the herpes spreading or worsening. If your self-worth or image has taken a hit due to herpes, Crab Apple bach flower remedy can help in restoring feelings of harmony and get one to focus on positive aspects of one’s life.

Another emotional issue which arises with a herpes diagnosis is disturbed sleep patterns and sleeplessness. If that is the case, one possible herbal remedy is Valerian, a natural aid that will help you sleep without producing any known side effects or lingering drowsiness afterwards.

This is only a partial list of the remedies for helping provide emotional relief from herpes. Make sure you consult with a health practitioner, who is versed in such matters. And when you feel the time is right, consider joining a support group of others afflicted with herpes. The sooner you realize that herpes is not the end of the world and that there are ways of dealing with the emotional stress that accompanies it, the better off you’ll be.

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