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Having the virus can be stressful but by changing your attitude towards it, you will find the stress fall away

Doing the things you normally love during a Herpes attack will help to alleviate your stress and as a consequence you will reduce its duration and lift how you feel about yourself and your life in these periods. You should be able to do all the activities you do regularly in order to de-stress. Feeling low shouldn’t put a stop to this, it should make the motivation even stronger.

The Essential Healthy Coping Habit: Not neglecting or depriving yourself

This is actually easier than you think when that dreaded virus attacks your system again and spirals you into a quasi-depressed state. Although you might feel somewhat helpless, knowing that the virus has to run its course, you will be sure to take some relief in whatever form is offered. Making yourself look and feel better should be the first plan of attack to tackle the hold it has on you, albeit temporarily. Even if you’re feeling incredibly low, never neglect or deprive yourself of the things that make you love life.

You’re probably asking yourself what kinds of things will help to alleviate your stress. You probably think you’ve tried a lot of things but to no avail. The key is to know yourself; what makes you happy, calm, and act in a way that doesn’t compromise the person you are.

You love being pampered

Well who doesn’t? But you’re the person who gets their kicks out of going to a Spa once a month and buying Spa gift certificates for relatives and friends to make sure they accompany you. When you have an attack of Herpes, why not turn your home into a Spa for a day or two? You deserve to treat yourself. You could set up a little nail bar in your living room, light some candles and run yourself a bath and set up all the expensive hair products you only use on special occasions. These kinds of little gifts to yourself when you’re feeling somewhat down should help to give you the little lift you need and make you feel great, inside and out.

You’re a foodie


You get your kicks out of making amazing dishes and devouring them, with or without others. A great way to start would be looking for some healthy recipes, old or new, and make a shopping list of all the things you love cooking and eating, those especially high in Lysine. If you’re any kind of foodie, you’ll love the shopping process. Just buying the foods you crave will make you feel better.

Once home you should head to the kitchen and do what you do best: cooking up a storm. Get immersed in doing what you love, make the process a slow and even more enjoyable one; blast some music, pour a glass of wine and enjoy the process. Knowing that your plate and fridge are now filled with all of the healthy goodness that is going to do your body wonders, you should feel much better.

You’re a fitness freak

When Herpes attacks, the last thing you’ll probably feel like doing is exercising but the most important thing to remember is the feeling you always, without fail, get from exercise. You love it, it’s a big part of your life and you shouldn’t let Herpes make you feel like you can’t go for a run around the park if that’s what you normally do. Exercise should be that one point in your day where you can switch off and just be at one with yourself and your body and how good it feels. Afterwards, you’re still going to experience that high feeling, and right now that’s what you need more than ever. Looking past this will only mean neglecting yourself, and doing so now, when your body needs love and attention, will make you worse off.

You’re a lover of nature

One of the healthiest and soothing things you can do for you and your body is to give it regular contact with fresh air. You could do this by going for a walk in the countryside if you love the great outdoors. You could even take a little picnic with you and spend some quality time by yourself drinking in all of the healthy fresh air that surrounds you when you´re not hiding yourself away indoors. Spending such quality time by yourself should make you feel more at ease and comfortable, more aware of the world itself even.

You should be able to reflect on how you´ve been acting around others and realize that being at one with nature will help you see that there are things outside of you that you are not in control of. This virus doesn’t choose its victims knowingly, it happens, and that is out of your hands. It doesn’t mean you should punish yourself for it, and by stopping yourself from doing the things that you love, like getting out into the countryside, or just going for a walk at home, you´re doing just that.

You’re always on the go

You have an attack of Herpes and you think life is over, at least for the next week or so, or however long it takes to ride out. With this comes a sense of insecurity and a complete inability to see what´s right in front of you: the same productive you as usual. Why let a minor irritation get in the way of your important productivity?

Even if you don’t feel motivated for a couple of days, that’s fine, but just don’t let the thing get on top of you and take over your productive self. The important thing to do when you first have an attack is to act as you normally would and complete all of those tasks that you normally would too, otherwise you’ll probably end up feeling even worse about yourself.

These are just a few of the stress reducing strategies you should think about continuing at the time of a Herpes attack. If you live life to the fullest, regardless of whether you’re having an attack or not, you´ll never regret the actions you took. By not living life to the fullest, that lack of action will definitely be something you do regret in the future.

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