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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

When it comes specifically to the herpes simplex virus it is important to know what it thrives on, what activates it and what suppresses it. The virus functions with the support of a protein known as Arginine.

The amounts of Arginine available to the virus dictates it’s ability to function. By applying changes to the diet to control the Arginine content in our body we can change the activity of the virus within us. The amino acid Lysine plays a very important role in reducing Arginine’s activity and is a major tool in the overall suppression of the virus.

Below is a chart of Lysine and Arginine ratios in many food items

Foods at the top of the list have a higher ratio of Lysine to Arginine and are less likely to aggravate a herpes outbreak.

Chart of Lysine vs Arginine

Lysine vs Arginine Chart

Lysine vs Arginine Chart - 2
[wpproads_post_mid] Lysine vs Arginine Chart - 3

Lysine vs Arginine Chart - 4

Lysine vs Arginine Chart - 5

Lysine vs Arginine Chart - 6
[wpproads_post_mid] Lysine vs Arginine Chart - 7

Lysine vs Arginine Chart - 8

Lysine vs Arginine Chart - 9

Using diet to control your outbreaks

Arginine is an amino acid (protein) naturally found in food and is also created within our body. This amino acid is the food source of the herpes virus and when it is in abundant amounts in your body it will strengthen and feed the virus, causing your outbreaks to be triggered and become intensely active. By lessening your intake of Arginine you will be able to have more control over the virus and have the effect of reducing your outbreaks.

Lysine is an amino acid just like Arginine and when it is in sufficient amounts in the body it has the ability to neutralize the effects of Arginine. As Lysine can suppress the virus by starving it from its food source, it will be an advantage to increase the foods in your diet that are high in Lysine as well as taking a good quality Lysine supplement. A highly recommended Lysine supplement is the Combined Lysine Formula.

Eating processed foods expose the body to a range of toxic additives, preservative and chemicals that agitate and compromise the immune system. This type of food is also void of any life or quality nutrition and therefore tax the body of its own reserves in order to digest it. All drugs including alcohol, coffee and prescription medications are going to have a negative result on your overall health and need to be limited if not completely avoided in order to develop a strong and healthy immunity.

Supporting the immune system to suppress the virus

By adjusting our lifestyle and perception in relation to the herpes simplex virus we can dictate how often our outbreaks occur, while also gaining greater control over our whole body. It is important to understand the virus and it’s nature of functioning. Once we gain knowledge of what can trigger and intensify HSV activity, we are better able to change the effect the virus has on our lives. There are things within your immediate control that can be focused on to obtain a powerful change in your life.
[wpproads_post_mid] Primarily your state of health and immunity is going to be the first line of defense and prevention when it comes to an outbreak occurring. By supporting and regenerating your immune system with a healthy lifestyle you will become less likely to suffer from the virus. Building the immune system’s strength involves replenishing your body with quality nutrition and can involve herbal assistance like those found in an Immune Support Formula. Food is the body’s medicine and will be a paramount aspect of your state of health. [hide_post_ads]By increasing your intake of fresh, alkalizing foods like fruit and vegetables your general health will become optimal and your body will be capable of keeping any virus at bay within your system.

Reducing stress

The herpes simplex virus lives within the nerves of the body and remains dormant in this location until it is triggered. The direct relationship the virus has with the nervous system means it can be activated by anything that affects these nerves. Emotional stress creates a strong reaction within the nervous system and often will be one of the main causes of an outbreak occurring. Stress will directly lower and damage the body’s immune system which as explained above will lead to more outbreaks. Stress produces a cascade of hormonal responses that agitate the entire body as well as creating acidity in the body which leads to a range of ailments and problems.

By becoming more subtle in our nature we have the ability to witness our reactions to situations in life and thereby take a different approach when we are faced with external stress. It is truly our perspective and attitude to life that results in how much anything effects us. No one person will react the same as another in any given situation. This is a clear indication that anything we feel within us is coming from our own chosen reaction and viewpoint.

When we develop our understanding of ourselves and the true nature of reality we can broaden our view of our position in life. Ultimately all growth within our self leads us to a more accepting manner of handling events and happenings around us. The journey eventually brings us the knowing that our personal dramas and belief systems are in fact nothing but our own creation and this understanding gives us the power to apply change and to overcome any challenges while focusing our energy towards more fulfilling and important things like helping others and being true to our self with integrity and compassion.

When we begin to reduce the amount of stress we let affect us we can not only limit our outbreaks but will also experience more joy and peace in our life.

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  1. different websites say coffee is high in arginine, and other sites say coffee is high in lysine, im not sure who to trust, i stopped drinking coffee because of its high amino acid arginine, can someone correct this and tell me which is true, thanks alot

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