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About the herpes HSV Blog

About The Herpes HSV Blog

Get the Straight Facts about Herpes

There are a lot of myths circulating the Internet—and society in general—regarding HSV. With so much information floating around, it can be hard to tell what’s true and what’s false.

Oftentimes, a person responsible enough to attempt researching HSV gets discouraged and quits after reading several different Websites that contradict each other. And honestly, who can really blame them?

An experience like that has the potential to confuse anyone, and make the individual seem even more lost and hopeless than when they started looking for answers in the first place. Not the best feeling in the world, agreed?

The HSV Blog was created with a keen focus in mind: to collect, organize, and provide you with truthful information about herpes simplex virus.

Accurate Information that is Positive

It is the goal of this Website to act as your one-stop resource for everything HSV-related: from day-to-day life, love, sex and dating—all the way to long-term relationships, marriage and eventually even having a family if you’d like to.

HSV won’t stop you from having any of those experiences if you want them. Promise.

Now, to be fair, just like there are many Websites out there filled with ignorance and falsehoods, there is also a reasonable amount of legitimate ones.

HSV Blog will make it a priority to link to any HSV-related Website that provides correct information and true value to the reader.

While we will work diligently to make this blog all inclusive, you are still more than welcome to check out all the other great resources available online. We don’t mind you wanting to do that (we actually encourage it as long as the data is accurate), we just don’t want you to have to.

In other words, should you decide you want to save time while also gathering the facts and avoiding the fiction, the HSV Blog will aim to completely cover your needs.

You no longer have to spend full days online trying to make sense out of everything; there’s nothing more that we want than to make life with herpes simplex virus easier for you.

It’s really not as big of a deal as you may think it is, or as society plays it out to be (the majority of society is clueless about HSV).

If this comes as a shock to you, just keep on learning and you’ll realize this for yourself soon enough.

Like anything else in life, awareness and education are key

Without them, it’s natural to become worried or concerned. After all, we’re designed to be scared of the unknown; it’s a protection mechanism.

Luckily, though, this virus is not “unknown,” and it’s certainly not a special exception to the awareness-and-education rule. You can learn about it, and you can control it.

Permanent cure aside, it doesn’t get much better than this. Therefore, it’s really a minor inconvenience at worst (at best, it’s nothing). It’s definitely not the first time in your life that you’ve dealt with an inconvenience—and you know for sure that’s true.

So, you’re going to be just fine. Your partner(s) will be perfectly fine as well.

May you find the answers that your heart and mind are searching for. We’re very confident that you will.

What are some of the things that could be done for us to gain a better attitude towards herpes?

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  1. I found out yesterday that I have HSV-2. I was angry, hurt, upset, confused. I almost broke down after I got the call to say my bloodwork came back positive. And what makes it worse is that I may have given it to two other people and the person I know gave it to me thinks I gave it to him. But I came across the blog and you guys have helped me realize it’s really not the end of the world. Society and the media have engraved into our minds that having herpes is dirty and bad. And it will still take me a while to get over that. I just hope I can find a partner who is okay with it….

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