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I literally wouldn’t have believed how insignificant of an issue it has been if you told me a year ago. Woohoo!!!

I Literally Wouldn’t Have Believed How Insignificant Of An Issue It Has Been If You Told Me A Year Ago. Woohoo!!!

Just wanted to share my experience. I’ve been positive 1 year.

Of course I was devastated off the bat. Three months in, I met a friends friend while out for supper. We were making out, I wasn’t pushing things at all, as I was still kinda discouraged. She came home I told her I had it. She said “You’re not having an outbreak right now, are you?”. I said no and that was that! We dated for several months and I broke it off. Still good friends. She was 31, I’m 30. She even wanted to do it without a condom often! Still thought it would be too much for younger girls though…

Here I am, a year later, and I’ve been with 6 more girls, none of which had ANY problem with it whatsoever. And at the moment, I’m dating a gorgeous 19 yr old who wants to have sex all the time! I swear it has been a benefit, I’ve had more sex this year with it than I ever had before!!!

Only one girl didn’t want to sleep together ’cause of it, and she was the most promiscuous of all them! Didn’t bother me, it would only have been a hook up for fun, not a relationship, and we’ve slept together before.

Hope this makes ppl feel better and have more confidence when dealing with this. It sucks to think how many ppl – myself included for a while – don’t put themselves out there for the fear of rejection. I literally wouldn’t have believed how insignificant of an issue it has been if you told me a year ago.


If I could give any advice, it is don’t be scared or nervous when telling people. I’m fairly open about it, and I think that comes through when I talk about it.

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