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The important thing to remember is that they are mature enough to make their own decisions. Just make sure you educate them.

The Important Thing To Remember Is That They Are Mature Enough To Make Their Own Decisions. Just Make Sure You Educate Them.

I found out I have hsv-1 about 2 months ago.

I told my on again/off again boyfriend at the time (we have since completely called it quits) and we talked about it. He said he was more concerned with me than with himself, even though he could already H. All he wanted was for me to be happy.. We had sex with condoms for a while and I didn’t take any medication except Lysine because acyclovir made me nauseous.. He knew about this and eventually we had unprotected sex. I was nervous about it because I obviously didn’t want him to get this too, but I trusted that he understood the risks involved and he was capable of making his own decisions.

And actually, I went on a date with someone else last night. Nothing happened, but he was texting me when I got home and I told him about H (a lot earlier than I planned on).. He asked a couple of questions and then he said it didn’t change a thing. He said “Trust me. Something so small would never make me change my mind about you.”… So even people you barely know can surprise you. You just have to find the right person.

The important thing to remember is that they are mature enough to make their own decisions. Just make sure you educate them and answer their questions, and don’t wait until the heat of the moment to tell them. Timing is everything.. I know I’ll worry about my new partner catching it too, but I’ll take my medication. I’ll be fine as long as I know he understands and is OK with this (Which he is!).

Good luck!


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