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They will be happy you told them and will still like you because they realize how little it means about you as a person

They Will Be Happy You Told Them And Will Still Like You Because They Realize How Little It Means About You As A Person

Hello, I just wanted to explain my first situation telling a guy I have herpes. I’ve been diagnosed a little over a month ago. I was seeing a guy at the time and he was really supportive and blamed himself. We are still not officially together so we are able to date others. He’s gone now for a month on vacation and will return.

But in the meantime I started going on dates with other guys. One guy in particular was lots of fun and we had a great time together. We started hanging out a lot and well I started liking him and he him started liking me. There was just one problem- if things get serious, will he accept me?

Anyway, one night after hanging at the bar, I got a bit of courage and I told him, teary eyed, about my situation. his response was classic “Everyone seems to have that stupid skin rash nowadays. I don’t, but if things get serious between us, I wouldn’t care.” I was so happy. Such a positive experience.

As time went on I think we are better friends than anything and things feel better between my giver and I. But it was nice to know that even before you are in a relationship and in “the get to know you stage” people will listen to you and will be happy you told them and will still like you because they realize how little it means about you as a person.


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