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Life isn’t over just because you have herpes. You will find someone to accept you – and it will be wonderful.

Life Isn’t Over Just Because You Have Herpes. You Will Find Someone To Accept You – And It Will Be Wonderful.

I thought I’d share my positive experience since reading others happy stories really helped me when I first joined this site. I’ve had genital HSV-1 for over 4 years now – contracted it from my ex boyfriend who broke up with me about 7 months ago. My ex and I were together for about 4 years, and the whole time we were dating I never had to really deal with the fact that I had herpes because he had it too. It was almost as if I didn’t even have it. When we broke up and I started dating again I had to accept the fact that anyone I anticipated being intimate with I’d have to tell them about my condition.

I got semi serious with two guys within the first 5 months of my newly single life – serious enough to have “the talk” with them. The first two guys I told backed away pretty quickly. I’m still friends with one of the two but the other literally stopped talking to me all together.

About 3 months ago I started dating one of my really good guy friends from college. We had always been flirty in college but since I had a boyfriend at the time nothing ever escalated into anything. After about 2 months of us hanging out the whole “I want to take things slow” excuse just wasn’t working anymore. He thought I was holding back because I was still in love with my ex, which most certainly was not the case. Finally I got the nerve to tell him and he couldn’t have had a better reaction. His exact words were “if you think that’s going to keep me from wanting to have sex with you you’re crazy.” And then we sealed the deal – and it was AMAZING. We had a few talks about it after the initial conversation, but it really didn’t faze him that much at all. I think the reason why it was different with him than with the first two guys I told is because we had such a solid friendship before we started dating. I knew he was the type of guy who would be accepting. We’re still dating and I couldn’t be happier. He’s actually coming with me this weekend to my best friends wedding.

Hopefully this story will help some of you out there realize that life isn’t over just because you have herpes. You will find someone to accept you – and it will be wonderful. Never give up!


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