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I wanted to share some of my happiness with you all b/c I am living proof that happiness can happen to us all

I Wanted To Share Some Of My Happiness With You All B/c I Am Living Proof That Happiness Can Happen To Us All

I wanted to share some of my happiness with you all b/c I am living proof that happiness can happen to us all.

Four years ago I met this guy and another guy who turned out to be my giver. Unfortunately I picked the guy who would eventually infect me with this life altering disease we all share. So four years of off and on, one cheating episode, two failed engagements, and the gift of herpes later we finally have called it quits. Through all of this time I have remained good friends with the guy that I didn’t chose though we often lost touch. He has been a great friend, respectful of my decisions, supportive of all my endeavors, and my number one fan in everything that I do. A couple of weeks ago he reached out to me about strengthening his relationship with God and his faith. I have always reached out to him inviting him to my church where he got saved two years ago and baptized earlier this year. As always I encouraged him and we rekindled our friendship. A week ago we met and talked about finally pursuing a relationship together after 4 years of on and off courting. But before I could do it I knew I had to tell him. I knew that this situation was so different from meeting a new guy… we have always had chemistry and I knew once we decided to date it would immediately be serious because we have a strong foundation. So I said my speech starting something like “remember when I made a remark to you that I’m damaged goods” and ending with the obvious. I swear I was in a movie guys! He did lift my face, and he did wipe my tears, then he made me promise that I would never call myself damaged goods again Then he went on to assure me that he loved (yes, love) me as much as he always did, was actually in love with me and still wanted to be with me. It has been amazing. I have had only one talk with a guy I barely knew (just an experiment) and that person acted supportive and then just decided to stop calling and when I said something he blew up on me. So I was hoping this wouldn’t be the case and it hasn’t.

We’ve only been together for a week but in that time we have spent a lot of time together, gone to church, and even started a journal that we write to each other back and forth. I’m kind of sad because I still live with my ex (how he wants to date me even knowing that, I don’t know! he says he trusts me completely) and he is in the process of going into the armed forces, we just have no idea when… Either way I’m happy with this experience and the fact that I am accepted and still treated like a prized possession, something I thought I would never be again since this all began. There’s hope guys…


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