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Read the acceptance stories n never thought it was real……….

Read The Acceptance Stories N Never Thought It Was Real……….

So finally got up the nerves to tell the guy i’ve been talking to (no sex) for several months…n he could sense a long time ago that I had something i wanted to tell him and was holding back my feelings n stuff.

So I danced around it for a long time asking him questions about gettin over ur past n letting things that happened in ur past effect ur future blah blah blah…so now he definitely knew i had somethin on my chest n i told him i’m not ready to talk about it. But basically it was too late, he was like i rather u tell me now because now i’m jus gonna be wondering about it. So I said that a guy i was dating 3 years ago gave me herpes and hpv…i can still have kids n the hpv is the kind that could lead to cervical cancer and a lil bit more blah blah blah. Then he said…”Ok…is that all…I don’t a sh*t about that” …I didn’t even know what to say…so i told him…”Ok…well that’s all a I got then” lol

I’ve been on this forum for 3 years n read the acceptance stories n never thought it was real and that it could really happen in my life. But it did…n I’m happy n in love n nobody can tell me nothing.


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