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I’m new here but i read about ppl being so worried about it and i just wanted to say it’s not so bad

I’m New Here But I Read About Ppl Being So Worried About It And I Just Wanted To Say It’s Not So Bad

I have been HSV type 2 (and type one i suspect also) for more than ten years. Getting divorced now and back on the dating scene. I have had the talk seven times and NOBODY has freaked out yet. I have been intimate with 5 out of the 7 women. Other two women choose not too because of herpes ??

Who knows, but nobody has freaked out. I’m new here but i read about ppl being so worried about it and i just wanted to say its not so bad.

Id like to talk about the fourth woman who i had the talk with. Third time we got together/date …. back at her place i thought things were going really well. So well i figured we better stop the action and have the talk right then. I tell her and her reaction was kinda nothing. So i asked her what she thought about it and if it was a big deal. She said no and do you know why ?? Because you are a nurse i imagine ? No because she has herpes too.

Wow ok cool. She was wayyyyyyyy more worried about telling me. She was scared i was going to run back to our mutual friends and tell them. Lol. We bonded very quickly because of it but she ended going back with her husband. Oh well … It was a great experience sex wise and makes all the talks that i will have for the rest of my life that much easier ;0)

Might have the talk tomorrow night again too. Its just a part of me that has to happen before intimacy. It gets easier to tell every time.

I will follow up this post if i do have the talk tomorrow. I will put this here right now. Kinda a blind date thing. So far just emails and one phone call. While i was looking at her picture today i felt what i will just call the hand of God touch me on my shoulder. I felt very secure that this talk will be the easiest talk yet because she has it too. I will let you know if God was with me OR it was just a cool breeze lol.


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