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LIVE YOUR LIFE! Don’t give this virus any more thought then you have to

LIVE YOUR LIFE! Don’t Give This Virus Any More Thought Then You Have To

I found out about 2 months ago now. Ill tell you the first week was torture, waking up to these bumps that hurt, going to the doctors, waiting for the results. OMG waiting for the results had to be the WORST! Almost worse then actually finding out I had Type 2 orally and Genitally.

The man that is now my bf, lives up north at the other end of the country. As soon as I found out I called him. He flew down right away. Took care of me, and told me this.

“This does not change who you are. This does not make you dirty or unworthy of love. You are still the same amazing girl I have always known. I want to be with you and I don’t care about the Virus, Im more worried about the distance between us.”

Long story short, Im moving back up north!!! Im on Valtrax and taking lysine pills to be safe and reduce the risk of infecting him.

I still get down sometimes about the virus. Im scared of infecting him even though he accepts me and the risk. Im scared of people finding out. And then sometimes Im just angry I got this at all.

But most of the time, I dont even think about it. Because he is right. This virus does not define me. So my advice to all you newly diagnosed is this.

LIVE YOUR LIFE! Don’t give this virus any more thought then you have to. It is very important for you to learn to Love yourself again after this. Also you will find someone amazing. You will not be alone forever. There are great people out there that will love you no matter what.


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