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My boyfriend treats me no differently, the friends I told support me, I feel good!

My Boyfriend Treats Me No Differently, The Friends I Told Support Me, I Feel Good!

I was only diagnosed a few months ago, but I hardly think I have HSV. My boyfriend treats me no differently, the friends I told support me, I feel good! I haven’t had any signs of a second outbreak and I don’t panic every time i have an itch or funny feeling down there (I did for awhile)

The only weird thing is when I’m with my boyfriend or friends and on the show family guy they mention something about herpes (making fun of it) or in certain movies when they bring it up, or when a random friend says something about herpes and doesn’t know i have it….it kinda makes an awkward moment, but doesn’t last long.

I feel like this problem made me a better person. Less ignorant, not just regarding herpes…I was one of those people who thought STD’s only happened to people who sleep around. Well now I know. And I’m a better person for knowing.


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