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He liked me enough that he wants to get to know me and not to base me off of one thing like herpes

He Liked Me Enough That He Wants To Get To Know Me And Not To Base Me Off Of One Thing Like Herpes

I wanted to share my positive story about not being rejected. After being in a long relationship w/ my ex we broke up. I have HSV2, and I thought that there would never be anybody in their right mind that would willingly want to be with me, I came to the conclusion that even though I don’t want to be lonely and by myself, sexless without a companion, that would probably be my fate.

So I met this guy at a friends party, and we hit it off, give him my number, well he calls me. I figure what do I have to loose, if anything I might just gain a friend. Well we meet again hang out and he is wonderful. We see each other like everyday, start making out, you all know how it goes…….

Now I’m thinking how am I ever going to tell this guy that I have HSV2. On top of that one night we’re talking about me not wanting to share cigs with men, and he has some remark joking about herpes. Great, I think, now am really nervous to tell him. But I put that comment aside.

So i have the conversation in my head over and over and over and over again, how I’m going to say it, maybe give him some paperwork, some statistics, yada yada. Well everytime I want to bring it up, i totally chicken out. I want to bring it up at a low key moment, not before we have sex, or while were making out. Well two weeks go by, finally this is going to be it. I sleep over his house, and in the morning before I leave, I tell him I have something to tell him, I apologize as it is early, but figured it was a good time to tell him, because I had to leave anyway for work, and their wouldn’t be that ackward silence, or me feeling funny and then leaving just because we had the conversation.

I was so scared, I could hardly get it out, and then I said it, and right after I just broke down, and started crying. This was the first guy besides my long term ex, that I had to say this to. Telling him felt pretty much like I thought it would, horrible. He really didn’t know what to say. I gave him a hug, and I left.

I get to work about an hour after our conversation, and he calls me. He tells me how he knows it was really hard for me to tell him, and he didn’t want me having this burden on my shoulders all day thinking about how I might never hear from him again (which I totally figured might happen), and that he needs to think still, but he still wants to hang out that night.

Well really the rest is history, he told me he liked me enough, that he wants to get to know me, and that he doesn’t want to base me off of one thing, herpes, that he thinks I am awesome, and still wants to hang out and get to know me, and if he likes me enough he will take that risk.

Well he took the risk , and we are still seeing each other, and are happy!

People, you never know, i really almost did chicken out, and thought screw my happiness. I almost let herpes define who I am, enough to almost pass up on love, joy, and companionship.


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