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You know what? 4/5 have been totally cool with it…

You Know What? 4/5 Have Been Totally Cool With It…

I was diagnosed with HSV1 & 2 in Mid-March after having my suspicions since December 2010. Throughout the whole ordeal I had a gf whom I loved and loved me, which made coping easier. She recently decided that she wasn’t into a long-term thing anymore and broke it off.

So I now get to enjoy attempting to date with Herpes!

I’m a really outgoing guy, I wear my heart on my sleeve, and have very few secrets. So I decided to just go for it.

I’ve taken 5 different girls out so far, had the talk with all of them.

I reference this Article a lot, and if they have any doubts on the information I’m giving them I send them the link to read it over in their free time. I also tell them if they’re uncertain to go speak to a Doctor and get their opinion on the matter.

You know what? 4/5 have been totally cool with it… barely bat an eyelash after I explained the situation to them and promised to keep it quiet.

To all the guys out there like me (24, single, male) who thought your social life was shot – you’re completely wrong.

The one girl who couldn’t do it told me “I just feel like I’m playing with fire”, and I told her “You are anytime you have sex”. She was incredibly apologetic and told me she feels like a real bitch because she can’t get over her fear. I told her that it’s an irrational fear, like being afraid of a spider, or refusing to go swimming for fear of a ‘shark attack’, and that if she ever got over it that I wouldn’t have any hard feelings on the matter. We remain friends.

So there you have it. Swallow your fear, put your pride on hold, and just fucking go for it. Life goes on, don’t miss it.

Happy trails.


Comment originally published on the Honeycomb Herpes Support forums.

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  1. Hey, what article do you talk about referencing? I am trying to do research on how to have “the talk” for the first time with a new person and would love to have something to reference. Thanks.

    1. Hey BW,

      Very good question! Here are some of my favorite Herpes Talk resources:

      Honeycomb forum conversations (really good for “real life” feedback):

      HC Network articles, has some good tips: and

      And right here on the blog we have quite a few stories to follow:

      You can also search our site for “talk”.

      Ella Dawson has also written some great articles which help bring the message home, helpful to read to clear your head and grasp a positive attitude before sharing it with someone else. Her blog is

      I also like this youtube video which has nothing to do with herpes but has a great way of looking at rejection which is a natural and inevitable part of life. Not at all saying that rejection is applied here, but whatever happens we can use it to our advantage:

      Best of luck!

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