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It is possible for someone to love you enough to look past HSV

It Is Possible For Someone To Love You Enough To Look Past HSV

I had been ‘talking’ to a guy for a few months when I found out I had GHSV-1, we weren’t dating or anything, in fact he was deployed overseas at the time and he and I knew one another from mutual friends before he joined the Army. So, I’d just write him and talk to him to help him pass the time, shortly before he was to come home on leave, I found out I had GHSV-1, I’m assuming from a guy that I slept with when I was hammered one night but honestly, I’m not sure, it could have been around forever and just decided to pop up at that time. What was terrible was once he got home and we hung out and stuff, I realized, wow, I really, really like this guy and I’m pretty sure he likes me and now I have this and have to tell him somehow before he goes back to Afghanistan for a few more months. So, I had the talk with him one night laying in bed together and it couldn’t have went better, told me he didn’t care, that he gets cold sores on his lips and that it wasn’t a big deal, didn’t change how he felt or saw me, etc.

So, we haven’t stopped dating since, it’s going on 7 months, almost 8 months that we’ve been together and I’m happy to say that a little bit after New Years Eve of this year, he asked me to marry him! I’m happily engaged to the first person I had to tell about my GHSV-1 and my soul mate and I just want others to realize that it is possible for someone to love you and care about you enough to look past something that in the grand scheme of life, really is not that big of deal.


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  1. 27 years ago, I told my X I had H2 that we needed to be careful. I went into detail about how we needed to abstain if I felt or showed signs ofban outbreak. Since then, we got divorced due to other reasons..but he recently got tested before his 2nd marriage and he’s fine…no sign. We had sex about 1-2 x’s per week. Just to reassure any of you to be ashamed or not pursue relationships.
    This virus has been a battle at times no doubt but there is hope!
    I’m happily married a 2nd time in my 50s to the love of my life…

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