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To those of you who were struggling like I was thinking there wasn’t any hope in finding love, there is hope

To Those Of You Who Were Struggling Like I Was Thinking There Wasn’t Any Hope In Finding Love, There Is Hope

Well I’ve started talking to a new guy we have been talking almost 3 weeks now and we had “the talk” I was upfront and completely honest with him and gave him all the statistics and even suggested a website or two if there was any questions I couldn’t answer…and well… HE WAS OK WITH IT!!!!! He said we are all human and bad things happen to good people and that when the time comes for us to have sex then we will just be careful, that he truly respects me even more for being open and totally honest with him. I guess the previous guy I was talking to that said there was no way he could be with me that its all about “self preservation” can go suck it haha

I’m really hopeful and very excited about the possibilities between him and I. I’m not getting my hopes up completely because there could just be normal every day problems between us. But this has brought a new level of hope for me that I’m not going to always be alone. I do hope though him and I work out because I am sick of the whole dating game, I mean who doesn’t hope the person they are interested in isn’t the one?! Plus there is always that fear of rejection as a person, not to mention because I have H.

To those of you who were struggling like I was thinking there wasn’t any hope in finding love, there is hope. My previous posts I sounded pretty hopeless but I honestly never gave up and there is nothing worse than giving up on yourself or giving up on love. I truly think honesty is key. To be honest with your partner. If they are the right one or at least a good person then they will respect you for your honesty and also hopefully strengthen your relationship.

Good luck to you all. <3

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