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It’s pretty amazing there are kind people still out in the world who really look beyond a lot of things and right into who you are. They do exist.

It’s Pretty Amazing There Are Kind People Still Out In The World Who Really Look Beyond A Lot Of Things And Right Into Who You Are. They Do Exist.

First off, I would like to thank everyone on this site for the helpful advice and support they have provided with all their words. You have no idea what you do for us and what you did for me. I spent many months reading as an outsider and it was until last night I finally took the next step.

I’m 26 yrs old and will have been diagnosed with genital HSV1 this March for 1 year. I’ve had pretty much every thought, feeling, and emotion most people have felt in their first year of dealing with herpes. I was at the point of acceptance of being alone and not really interested in dating anyone. Except 3 weeks ago, I met a really great guy.

Last night was the night I told myself I was going to “give” him the talk. We have been dating almost 3 wks. and I knew I needed to tell him sooner than later since I could tell he was really into me…and I was really into him. I practiced this speech for months and I thought I was ready to do it ‘live’.

We watched a movie at my place, and once it was over, we started talking about past relationships and stuff that had affected our lives in the past. I thought this would be the best time to introduce the topic (believe there will be no “perfect” time…but fit it in somewhere!). I told him I appreciated how honest he’s been with me up to this point, and I needed to be honest with him as well about something. At first I felt my mind racing ahead of my mouth but I slowed down, said what I wanted and just laid down the facts.

He smiled, said ‘ok’, and chuckled. I looked at him puzzled with a smile on my face and asked “What’s so funny? That took a lot for me to do!”. He said he was afraid I was going to tell him I was seeing someone else or that I didn’t want to see him anymore.

He told me he didn’t know much about it and we talked some more. He also told me that he knows it took a lot for me to tell him, and that it showed him that I obviously liked him to share such a personal thing, which he thought was wonderful. He didn’t seem concerned in the least and told me he really liked me and knew that this just ‘felt right’.

Despite of what happens with this new guy, I’m proud of myself for sharing and having my very 1st “talk” after months of thinking I was going to be a hermit for the rest of my life. It’s pretty amazing there are kind people still out in the world who really look beyond a lot of things and right into who you are. They do exist.


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