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We are now married. He is still negative, and we don’t use condoms. True love prevails…. even over herpes.

We Are Now Married. He Is Still Negative, And We Don’t Use Condoms. True Love Prevails…. Even Over Herpes.

This Valentine’s day will be my two year anniversary of getting H.

When I found out, I thought my world was over. I never thought I would find happiness ever again. I went through a deep depression. I slept all the time, just so I didn’t think. I literally wanted to die. I never thought anyone would ever love me again.

About a year later, I went through a “****ty phase”. I figured out that some guys would have sex with me with condoms… and I just started to see sex as no longer an emotional thing. I had never had one night stands before. I cut all romantic feelings from sex. It wasn’t until one night, when in the middle of having sex I started crying, that I realized what I was doing to myself. I had degraded myself and who I was.

This summer, I meet his guy. I feel for him hard, but I pushed him away because I didn’t want to tell him. I thought that he would surely leave because he was successful, and smart, and gorgeous… and I knew he would never take me. He kept telling me not to be scared and he kept trying to get me to be serious with him and I kept pushing him away. Finally I realized what I was doing to him and I told him. He kissed me and told me that that would not make him stop liking me, that it was a small price to pay to be with me… and he was willing to take the chance.

We are now married. He is still negative, and we don’t use condoms when I’m not on an outbreak. We are very happy, and he is amazing. 2 years ago I remember saying, “No one will ever love me with this”…… if I wouldn’t have had this.. I wouldn’t have been so picky…. It made me turn away guys that weren’t good sooner…. it made me only get close to someone if I was head over heels for him.. and because I was patient… I found true love…. and regardless of what you think now…. true love prevails…. even over herpes.


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